How our diversity networks operate

Find out about how the different diversity networks operate

We are open to all CSP members, including students and associates and membership is confidential, with access to details restricted to those officers who work directly with them.


Following a review of all CSP networks, in December 2021 CSP Council agreed to a new model constitution for the CSP Diversity Networks (DN). The new constitution brings the DN structures in line with other CSP networks such as the regional networks, and gives access to additional resources including: 

  • a network committee (of up to 10 people, in addition to the existing roles of Chair and Vice Chair) which shall consist of members elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).  

  • budgetary arrangements for each network. 

The changes will help the networks to engage and support existing members so that all can feel connected, well informed and proud, as well as, engaging the wider CSP membership on areas such as the Equity, Diversity and Belonging (EDB) strategy and growing the Diversity Network membership.  

This also creates more opportunities for DN members to get involved in the leadership of the networks as we move forward with the new structure and supporting the work of the CSP EDB strategy, while also ensuring that no one person's workload is too much. 


Get involved

  • Are you a member of a CSP Diversity Network*?  
  • Do you have an interest in taking up a volunteer role as part of that network to support it’s functioning, development and growth? 

Apply to become a part of one of the Diversity Network Leadership Teams in the 2022 elections. 

To apply, complete an online nominations application which will ask for: 

  • Your full name, email address, which Diversity Network Committee are you interested in becoming part of and which role(s) are interested in undertaking within the Committee. 

  • A 200-word (max) short statement expressing why you want to be involved in the Committee/Leadership Team and what will you bring to the role.  

Candidates will be officially confirmed in post at the relevant Diversity Network Annual General Meeting. 

*if you are a CSP member (including students and associates) who identifies as Disabled, BAME, LGBTQIA+ then you can get involved too. All you need to do is join your relevant Diversity Network and apply.

Available roles

Each Diversity Network Leadership Team consists of:  

  • Chair

  • Vice Chair

  • And a Committee of up to 10 members, who may take on whatever functional roles the Leadership team deem necessary for the functioning of the network.  

Please refer to the appropriate Diversity Network page for more information on available roles, time commitments and nomination applications open and close dates:    

Please note to access the information within these pages you must be logged in. 

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the process to help you in your decision-making or require support completing your application please contact CSP Diversity Engagement Officer, Scarlett Chamberlain. 


We meet at least twice a year including holding joint sessions of common interest, individual network Annual General Meetings (AGM), as well as coming together for annual events like Pride and TUC equality conferences too. 

Through the private iCSP and WhatsApp networks, members exchange ideas and information on equality and diversity related issues and events.

Annual General Meeting

Each Diversity Network will hold an AGM each calendar year. The business of the AGM shall be:   

a) To elect the chair, vice-chair and up to ten other members to plan and deliver the work of the network and to act as a link between members in the network and the CSP nationally.   

b) To consider any other business.  

Please refer to the appropriate Diversity Network page for more information on AGM dates. 


A statement of interest from each candidate will be circulated via iCSP (as a minimum) after the nominations closing date and all members of the network will have an opportunity to vote at the Network AGM to accept candidates into their roles.  

Voting will be conducted anonymously via a digital application.  


The networks allow us to share ideas, and build our knowledge and understanding of challenges and opportunities we face in a safe supportive environment.

They are a springboard to spread our individual and collective learning among the membership and in our workplaces, physiotherapy and the wider world.


We share our problems and successes. A key activity for the networks is peer support: members volunteer to be put in touch with other members who are experiencing difficulties in the workplace.

This could be to do with coming out, racial or sexual harassment and lack of support for disabled members. And when we progress issues we find sensitive ways to get the message out.


Together we identify and plan activity that seeks to address discriminatory behaviours, processes and structures to promote equality and diversity at work and in society.

That includes influencing change locally and nationally, in the CSP, the profession, the wider health system and government legislation too, working with partners, wherever necessary and possible.**

**We achieve this in part by submitting motions and sending representatives to the CSP Annual Representative Conference (ARC) and to TUC equality conferences.

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