Anti-racism - 10 things you can do

Anti-racism in the workplace

  1. Talk proactively to your colleagues about their experiences: How to talk about race at work.
  2. Share and educate yourself, members, colleagues, managers and staff side: Find how the CSP is working to oppose racism. 
  3. Encourage visibility and inclusion at work, put up CSP posters with CSP print on demand services.
  4. Call out racist behaviour when you see it and show solidarity with colleagues if they experience it: 'How to be anti-racist and a white ally'.
  5. Follow @CSPBAME on Twitter.
  6. Join the CSP Black Asian and minority ethnic diversity network if you identify as BAME. Or encourage others to do so on the CSP website here.
  7. Recruit Black, Asian and minority ethnic members as CSP members and reps.
  8. Look out for leadership opportunities for BAME members on the CSP Leadership Development Programme.
  9. Attend the TUC, the STUC, Wales TUC and Black Workers’ conferences, or encourage other members to attend. Contact national officer Siân Caulfield for more info:;
  10. Organise a race and equality group in the region/country you work, and tell us about it by emailing Siân Caulfield at;

How to access advice and support within the CSP 

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