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Have you booked your place for the Physiotherapy UK 2021 conference?

Physiotherapy UK 2021 conference

After last year’s success, you now have the opportunity again to join the immersive virtual Physiotherapy UK conference to hear from a range of different speakers, join discussions, visit the exhibition, read posters and connect with fellow physiotherapy professionals – all from the comfort of your home or workplace. 

The themes and partners are:

Founders’ lecture

‘Allyship in Healthcare’by Professor Stephanie Nixon

With the pandemic and recent world events exposing the many health inequalities present in today’s society, Professor Stephanie Nixon will speak about her work on allyship and why understanding the principles of allyship is so important in being able to provide the best healthcare for the patients and populations we serve.

How to get the most out of your experience


  • Set yourself personal objectives.
  • Check the timetable and plan which sessions you would like to attend. 
  • Look beyond the session title. Read the description to understand what the session is about – it could just be one of your conference highlights.
  • Ensure you download the software on the desktop computer or laptop that you will be using on the day. If it is a work computer, ensure you request approval and assistance from your IT department well in advance. The software is not available for mobile phones, tablets, Chromebooks and Linux-based computers.


  • Connect! Turn to the avatar next to you and find out their experience. If they are attending the same session, you already have similar interests.
  • Try something new. Attending something you normally wouldn’t may help provide an insight into a different way of thinking and inspire you to try a new approach in your area. 

    By joining the conference you will have access to: 

    • 1000+ attendees to connect with
    • 240+ speakers and chairs
    • 60+ sessions
    • 3 exceptional keynote speakers
    • 1 new poster platform

    Post conference: 

    • Selected recordings 
    • Posters 

    Book your place for £129*

    Full CSP members can reserve a place at vPUK (Friday 5 and Saturday 6 November) for this price.  Visit vPUK2021

    *Full CSP members only. Other rates apply to students/associates/retired/unwaged and non-members.

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