How common are microaggressions?

The CSP conducted two separate pieces of research on microaggressions - one with members of our diversity networks and another with the general public

How common are microaggressions?

Diversity networks survey

Our insight showed CSP members face microaggressions regularly, with around a third experiencing them on a weekly basis. We know they create an ongoing feeling of being regarded as a second-class citizen or inferior.

Members said while the source of these behaviours was often patients, 75% of incidences were from fellow colleagues.

Public polling results

The CSP also commissioned Opinium Research to conduct a poll with the public around their understanding of microaggressions.

The results included the following:

  • Just a quarter of those surveyed (26%) are familiar with the term microaggression, with this rising to 40% of those aged 18-34, compared to 13% of those age 55+. 
  • A fifth of those polled (19%) have experienced a microaggression, whilst a third (32%) are unsure whether or not they have. 
  • If they were to experience or witness a microaggression, just a third of people surveyed (32%) say they would be likely to take action with the same proportion (32%) stating they would be unlikely to do so.

Download the report below for further information.

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