Microaggressions in the workplace

It is crucial we all raise our awareness of microaggressions and how they can impact an individual’s experience at work or in an educational setting

Physiotherapists may directly experience or witness microaggressions in every environment in the workplace and on campus, from being in lectures, on placement, to interviews, team meetings, and working together.

What to do if you experience or witness a microaggression

Find out what you can do if you've experienced or witnessed a microaggression at work or in an educational setting.

Experiencing or witnessing a microaggression?
What to do if you Witness or experience microaggressions

What are your responsibilities as a manager?

If you're an employer or manager, learn how you can help tackle microaggressions by creating a supportive environment where people feel they can report these behaviours.

Has a microaggression been reported to you?
What are your responsibilities as a manager

Downloadable resources

Use our posters, social media graphics and email signature to educate, challenge and support in your workplace or place of learning.

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Downloadable resources