How to use the bite-sized guides

CSP Chair of Council Ishmael Beckford talks about how the guides were developed and how you can use them to improve your knowledge of issues around equity, diversity and belonging in the workplace

Watch Ishmael talk about how the guides can help you

The CSP acknowledges the disparity of opportunity and experience faced by members in their places of work.

Ableism, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination exist in our profession and the spaces our members navigate. This reflects issues we see in wider society but is something we are accountable for shining a light on, challenging and dismantling.   

The CSP is committed to continuing to work on championing issues around equality, diversity and belonging and delivering impactful change for members. This includes supporting members to improve their awareness, understanding and engagement with these issues of concern.  

We hope these bite-sized guides will help members better understand the legal framework and key considerations around equality, diversity and belonging in the workplace. This is done through providing insights into the case for equality, local workplace policy, an overview of protected characteristics, and further resources. 

The guidance is for all members as we all share responsibility for equality, diversity and belonging. They are designed to empower members to help themselves and be better advocates and allies for each other.  

Students, physiotherapists, workplace reps, support workers, managers, activists, and more can benefit from accessing the equality and diversity bitesize guides.

Whether you read each guide in detail or use them as a point of reference, they provide a great opportunity to be better informed and support physiotherapists in the workplace.

As a growing profession of increasing importance and influence, our ongoing success will be dependent on delivering equity, maximising our diversity, and creating and maintaining a sense of belonging. I hope this guidance will contribute to this objective. 

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