Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is an issue that affects CSP members both as members of staff and in their clinical roles



Domestic abuse affects people regardless of their race, class, religion or other characteristics. It is a health care issue that impacts on all ages from children through to the elderly, and its effects can last a lifetime. The impact of domestic abuse on health is substantial both in terms of physical injuries and psychological wellbeing.

Health professionals are in a unique and important position to identify domestic violence and to offer support and signposting. This page identifies guidance and resources for CSP members and also for stewards who may be negotiating policies on this issue.

Role of the CSP rep

Reps may also find it helpful to refer to the following resources when raising issues or negotiating policies at JNCC level, or when dealing with individual members who are experiencing domestic violence and requesting support in the workplace. The key is putting a policy into place and having staff educated and alerted to these types of issues so they can best support colleagues.

Resources for CSP reps

General resources

Domestic violence helplines

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