What you and your colleagues can do about work-related stress

You can discuss sources of workplace stress with colleagues and work together to reduce them, with or without the support of a CSP safety rep or steward

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Ideally you will have a CSP safety rep or CSP steward in your workplace who can take up these issues with management on behalf of staff. If not, you could elect a colleague to the role or stand as a safety rep yourself.

Become a CSP safety rep

If there isn't one in your workplace, consider becoming a safety rep.

Even if there is no safety rep, you can reduce stress by discussing issues with colleagues and acting as a workplace group. 

Run a survey

One of the key ways to address the issue of stress at work is to run a survey of CSP members in your workplace or department. Conducting a simple survey will help you and other members to identify the extent of stress in the workplace and to provide evidence to your employer of any  problems. 

Key dos and don’ts


  • talk to colleagues and your safety rep if you are stressed by your work environment
  • take your breaks
  • notify your employer about poor work conditions
  • fill in an incident report form if you are in pain or injured at work – remember to keep a copy of your report and notify your safety rep


  • assume you are the only one stressed by your work environment
  • ignore symptoms – if you're injured, it may have unforeseen negative consequences for your future wellbeing and career
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