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Dyslexia is a complex condition causing an individual to process information differently particularly around reading, writing and numbers. 


Whilst this can lead to difficulty with literacy, dyslexic people often see things differently and have strong problem solving and creative skills. 

On 12 July 2016, the disabled member’s network hosted a study day on 'Understanding Reasonable Adjustments for Dyslexia'.

The purpose of the study day was to take a positive and proactive look at CSP members and their experiences of implementing reasonable adjustments for dyslexia in the workplace and at university.

Our study day speakers

The speakers on the day were filmed and can be seen here:

Theresa Awolesi, a recent physiotherapy graduate from the University of Nottingham shares her experience of having dyslexia at university and on clinical placement.

Karen Atkinson, Principal Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire explores what it means to be a disabled physiotherapy student and how you can take a proactive stance.

Hilary Thompson, manager of a large MSK service speaks from a manager’s perspective on dealing with dyslexia in the workplace.

Michael Michaeloudis, from Thompsons Solicitors outlines your legal rights to request reasonable adjustments for dyslexia in the workplace.

Stephanie Mansell, consultant physiotherapist, shares her strengths and her coping strategies in her role at the Royal Free Hospital.

Resources from the day

Other useful resources

REMEMBER: If you are struggling in the workplace or at university as a result of dyslexia you can always speak to your student rep, CSP steward or health and safety rep.

If you do not know who your rep is please call the CSP Enquiries Team on 020 7306 6666.
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