Palliative rehabilitation and end of life care: physiotherapy service delivery

The CSP has updated these standards taking into account latest guidance and emerging evidence about Covid-19 including long Covid

These standards cover rehabilitation and physiotherapy for people with acute Covid-19 and long Covid who are approaching the end of their life. This includes people who are likely to die from Covid-19 and people with Covid-19 who have advanced, progressive, incurable conditions or life-threatening acute conditions. The standards also cover support for patients' families and carers. They are relevant for all care settings.

Updates in version 2

Version 2 of these standards takes into account updated guidance and emerging evidence including people’s lived experiences regarding:

  • sequelae of Covid-19 including long Covid
  • clinical risk stratification, functional screening tools and ongoing assessment
  • personalised symptom management
  • monitoring response to rehabilitation and individualising timing, intensity and frequency of rehabilitation
  • supported self-management and self-monitoring, including principles of pacing and energy management 
  • impact of inequities and disparities in outcome

There are 7 quality standards:

  • Holistic assessment, planning and review 
  • Personalised rehabilitation and symptom management
  • Supported self-management
  • Communication and information sharing with people with Covid-19
  • Integrated and coordinated rehabilitation
  • Evaluation, audit and research
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection control 

Expert peer reviewers: