Covid-19 community rehabilitation: physiotherapy service delivery

These standards cover community rehabilitation and physiotherapy care for adults of 18 years and over with Covid-19.

The standards apply to anyone with rehabilitation needs who has acute Covid-19 or Long Covid, and their families and carers. This is whether their care is managed in community settings throughout or if they were admitted to hospital at any stage.

Updates in version 2

Version 2 of these standards has been updated to take into account updated guidance and emerging evidence including people’s lived experiences regarding:

  • recovery trajectories and sequelae of Covid-19 including Long Covid
  • clinical risk stratification, functional screening tools and ongoing assessment
  • personalised symptom management
  • monitoring response to rehabilitation and individualising timing, intensity and frequency of rehabilitation
  • supported self-management and self-monitoring, including principles of pacing and energy management  
  • rehabilitation models including Covid clinics
  • impact of inequities and disparities in outcomes

In these standards the term Covid-19 encompasses acute Covid-19 and Long Covid.

There are 7 standards: 

  1. Needs assessment, rehabilitation planning and review
  2. Personalised rehabilitation and symptom management
  3. Supported self-management
  4. Communication and information sharing with people with Covid-19
  5. Integrated and coordinated rehabilitation
  6. Evaluation, audit and research
  7. Personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection control

The Covid-19 Community Rehabilitation Standards [RS3] were sent out to consultation to the CSP Long Covid Network and the Community Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Expert Reference Group which is composed of CSP professional networks and individual expert members.