Research priorities

Physiotherapy research priorities focus research and funding in areas of practice requiring urgent evidence. They sit within the context of wider health research priorities across the UK.


Current research priorities

The CSP and the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership recently identified the top priorities for physiotherapy research.

Patients, carers and physiotherapists told us the questions they wanted to ask where research could make a real difference to people receiving physiotherapy. Their questions were about

  • Physiotherapy treatments
  • Self-management
  • Improving health and preventing disease and injury
  • How services are accessed and delivered

The top priority

When health problems are developing, at what point is physiotherapy most/least effective for improving patient results compared to no physiotherapy? What factors affect this?

Final report

Read the Discovering research priorities report:

These priorities are future facing multifaceted open priorities with flex to be nimble and responsive to the reality of health economics, developing health knowledge and technology landscapes.  Their impact will help optimise individual lives which is the heart of physiotherapy.

Sarah Westwater-Wood, Steering Group member

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