Research networks

Get assistance with your own project or advice on bringing research into practice via national research networks.

Council for Allied Health Professions Research (CAHPR)

CAHPR is a UK-wide collaboration of all the allied health professions - AHPs - which looks to provide a unified voice on research matters. The network is focused on building AHP research capacity and capability, raising the profile of AHP research and increasing opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

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iCSP research network

More than 5,000 CSP members use the iCSP research network to post discussions, news and resources related to every aspect of research. The network offers fortnightly dedicated bulletins to keep you up to date on the latest activity and contributions.

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National Institute for Health Research: Clinical Research Network

The NIHR Clinical Research Network is made up of 15 local networks that coordinate and support the delivery of research across the NHS in England. The networks also help with access to funding stream provision and research study participation.

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National Institute for Health Research: Research Design Service

The NIHR Research Design Service provides expert advice on research design and methodology, and provides specific support in developing and designing high quality research proposals. There is a Research Design Service for each of the 10 Strategic Health Authorities within England.

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