The CSP mentoring scheme

The CSP mentoring scheme offers you career and continued professional development support via a digital portal


Building our profession is a role we all take on as members, and the mentoring platform provides you with the tools and guidance to support your goals, whether you want to be a mentor, a mentee, or both.

Sharing knowledge and expertise is fundamental to our progress both as individuals and for the profession. By building a strong mentoring relationship you can develop great insights in to areas you are less familiar with, or completely new to. For mentors, this is the chance to give back, and share your experience and knowledge.

The CSP want you to get the best out of this platform, and you can do this by using all the available guides and tools.  At the beginning of any new mentoring relationship, you will agree a mentoring contract. As members, you accept the professional values and behaviours agreed by the Society.

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Contact details

If you've got any questions about the mentoring scheme then please email; or call enquiries on 0207 306 6666.

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