Top tips for implementing the MSK physiotherapy service standards

Five top tips to think about when using the musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy service standards in an MSK pathway or physiotherapy service.

1. Read and share the standards

physios on a ward reading a document

Make sure the team understand the relevance and importance of the standards and take time to go through them and address any questions/issues or ideas for implementation with members of the team.

2. Data collection is key

Physio looking at something on an ipad

Have a simple and easy data collection template that can be accessed and utilised. Data collection needs to be accurate in order for maximum service improvement to be achieved. See our standards audit tool and creating meaningful data section of our website. 


3. Delegate and recruit

a physio and a physio support worker in a meeting

Have one lead person in charge of data collection. This can be a great way to get members of the team, including students and support workers involved in audit and data collection and part of wider service improvement opportunities.

4. Prioritise

a group of physiotherapists in a meeting, one physio is showing the rest something on an ipad

These standards do not have to be used and embedded all at the same time. It may be the case that a service needs to focus or prioritise one or two of the standards initially. Over time you can then focus on the standards that are less of a priority. 

5. Dedicate time

a physio making notes while on the phone

It’s important to have dedicated non-clinical time within any job plan to allow clinicians to participate in audits, data collection and service improvement activity. See the NHS AHP job planning guide for more information. 

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