MSK service standards - patient version

This version of the musculoskeletal physiotherapy service standards have been written for users of MSK services, their families, and carers. You can download the standards in English or Welsh

Why do we need standards?

The standards set out what high-quality physiotherapy is and how it should be delivered. This means we can expect to receive the best quality physiotherapy available.

What are the standards?

There are eight quality standards.

  1. Standard 1: how the physiotherapist examines you and asks about your condition. A personal physiotherapy plan will then be made to get the best results for you.
  2. Standard 2: how to make sure that the physiotherapy plan is tailored for you. It takes into account your personal needs and lifestyle.
  3. Standard 3: what you can do to manage your condition. It involves you in all decisions about your physiotherapy.
  4. Standard 4: communication. This means you can understand what to expect from the physiotherapy service. It also helps you to understand the health care system. It includes how members of your family and others can be involved.
  5. Standard 5: joined up healthcare. This means different services work together to help patients. This should avoid unnecessary delays in care.
  6. Standard 6: population health. This means improving health for everyone, not just those attending health services.
  7. Standard 7: asking patients whether physiotherapy has helped them. This is used to improve physiotherapy.
  8. Standard 8: governance. This means there are systems to check and improve the quality of physiotherapy.

What does this mean for me?

The standards mean that private and NHS physiotherapy services provide the best possible management and care. The standards lay out what you can expect.

Physiotherapy will be based on the best evidence available. It will be tailored to you and take into account your concerns and personal circumstances, and you will be involved in decisions about your condition.

The physiotherapist will explain things in a way you can understand. This includes information on how other health care workers can help and how the health care system works for you. This also means if you are referred to another department or specialist that it will be as smooth as possible.

If you require any further information you can contact The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy at or 020 7306 6666