Implementation tools

The CSP has developed a variety of tools and resources, as examples, to support the implementation of first contact physiotherapy (FCP) services. These tools are designed to be edited and changed depending on the needs of the local service.

FCP business case template

This document has been developed by the CSP in consultation with members. It provides a framework for a business case to support the development of a first contact physiotherapy role in primary care in England.

FCP stakeholder mapping template

This document provides an outline of a method to support stakeholder mapping. Comprehensive mapping of key stakeholders will ensure that the introduction of FCP roles into the primary care network has engagement from key individuals and organisations. 

FCP SOP X-ray investigation template

This guidance document is intended as a point of reference for new FCP services. This is an example and it should be locally adapted to reflect service levels agreements and clinical indications for radiological investigations and should be reviewed within the musculoskeletal (MSK) pathway prior to implementing. ​​​​​

FCP service implementation checklist 

This is an example checklist designed for you to think about what steps you need to take to implement an FCP service, from workforce planning to practical considerations to governance for FCP staff.

FCP staff induction checklist 

This is an example checklist, as practices vary between employers and job roles, to get you to think about the induction process for a new FCP, from introductions to IT and phone systems to patient referral and review processes.

FCP patient satisfaction questionnaire

It's important to review how a service is working and impacting on patients. We've designed an example of a patient satisfaction questionnaire you could use to monitor the impact of your FCP service.

FCP job descriptions

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