Primary care colleagues explain the value of FCP, Gloucestershire

How first contact physiotherapy (FCP) improves access to advanced musculoskeletal (MSK) knowledge, resulting in excellent patient satisfaction feedback.

FCP benefits patients and staff

This video provides insight into an FCP service at Central Cheltenham primary care network (PCN)/Gloucestershire Health and Care Trust, with colleagues highlighting the benefits of embedding FCP services into their primary care setting. FCP Zoe Jones and her colleagues Dr Olesya Atkinson and Amelia Patel explain how FCP helps patients and staff.

Boosting patient satisfaction 

The video features CSP member Zoe Jones, an FCP who job-shares with another physio in one full-time FCP post, which covers patients registered with six GP practices in Cheltenham.

Zoe is employed by Gloucestershire Health and Care Trust, who contract to Cheltenham Central PCN.

Dr Olesya Atkinson, a GP and clinical director of Cheltenham PCN also features, and explains how integrating FCP into GP surgeries has streamlined the MSK pathway, reduced the workload of other clinicians within the network, resulted in better outcomes for patients and led to excellent patient satisfaction feedback. 

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