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CSP physiotherapy frameworks

The CSP's Physiotherapy Framework is a resource designed to promote and develop physiotherapy practice. It defines and describes the behaviours, values, knowledge and skills required for contemporary physiotherapy practice:

  • at all levels - from a new support worker to a senior level registered physiotherapist
  • across a variety of occupational roles - clinical, educational, leadership, managerial, research, and support
  • in a variety of settings - in health and social care, in industry and workplaces, in education and development, and in research environments
  • across all four nations of the UK.
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Core Skills Training Framework

The health sector's training council Skills for Health programme has produced a Core Skills Training Framework to help employers both standardise and reduce unncessary training.

An original framework for statutory/mandatory subjects has now been extended to include a number of clinical/care subjects, such as dementia awareness.

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Simplified Knowledge and Skills Framework

The Knowledge and Skills Framework from NHS Employers has six core dimensions covering key areas that apply to every job. The six dimensions are:

  • communication
  • personal and people development
  • health, safety and security
  • service improvement
  • quality
  • equality and diversity
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Higher Education Framework

The Higher Education Framework Agreement for the modernisation of pay structures is the national grading and pay framework for all staff working in higher education institutes. The framework has examples of career pathways for academic staff which all have five levels.

A national library of academic role profiles at each level has been developed to describe the demands and responsibilities of staff who have a research, teaching or combined teaching and research roles.

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