What should preceptorship look like for me?

Preceptorship can look different, depending on the role you do, your workplace or whether you have trained internationally

Creating a supported and confident workforce

I work outside the NHS   

While preceptorship is not mandatory for HCPC registration, there is strong evidence that providing it is beneficial for individuals' professional practice, well-being, and in staff recruitment and retention.  

For those who work independently, if there is no preceptorship in place, organisation is encouraged to use the principles to make a business case for providing preceptorship. Some CSP networks could signpost you to someone who may be able to offer peer support, or you could access the CSP Mentoring Scheme  

I am an international registrant  

Preceptorship should help you to understand cultural differences, how the UK’s health and care system operate and how communication and UK service users’ expectations differ compared to your home country. This should support you in meeting HCPC regulatory standards.  

If you are preparing to work in the UK, you can also access the Step to Work programme in preparation.
The CSP provides a number of services and resource which will support you in your journey into and through working in the UK.

I am a student   

Look at whether preceptorship is offered by a potential workplace when applying for a job. Your higher education institution may integrate the Step to Work programme into the course, but if not, you can access the programme online to engage in pre-preceptorship activities as part of your preparation for the transition to employment.  

I am rotational staff   

Preceptorship should offer continuous support for you regardless of which rotation you are on. To tailor the preceptorship experience, a preceptor should provide consistent support as you navigate through different rotations.  

I am a preceptor  

The role of the preceptor is an integral part of a successful preceptorship. You should have access to appropriate training, allocated time and support to fulfil the role. You can access the Multi-professional Preceptor e-Compendium training via the NHSE Learning Hub which is also fully accessible outside the NHS.

You do not need to be from the same profession as preceptees but should be the most appropriate individual to provide support.  

I am returning to practice  

Your return to practice journey will be different depending on how long you have been away from clinical practice.

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