Academically Accredited Courses (AAC) Award

Get funding help for your academically accredited course from the CSP Charitable Trust.


This fund supports applications for national academically accredited or validated programmes, such as national vocational qualifications, BTEC awards, access and postgraduate courses. The fund does not support member costs towards undertaking part-time or full-time qualifying degrees in physiotherapy.

If you are unsure of a programme's eligibility please contact the programme provider or the awards administrator.

Applications for funding should normally be made in the year in which the programme is to be undertaken. Applications can be made retrospectively, providing they are submitted by a deadline which falls within the same calendar year in which the programme has been completed.

Award amounts will be based on the amount of credit carried by the course. As a guide successful applicants would receive no more than:

  • £350 – 20 credits
  • £500 – 30 credits
  • £650 – 40 credits
  • £900 – 60 credits
  • £1,250 – 120 credits
  • £1,600 – 180 credits MSc
  • £2,000 – PhD
  • For coaching courses within the ring-fenced funds initiative (see below), up to 75% of the course fee capped at £1,000.

Ring-fenced funding for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) members

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Charitable Trust (CSPCT) recognises the inequality faced by healthcare professionals who identify as being part of minority or marginalised ethnic groups and the CSPCT is pleased to offer a new pilot initiative making ring-fenced funding available for BAME CSP members. 

Funds totalling £50,000 will be available across the autumn 2021 and spring 2022 rounds of the Academically Accredited Courses (AAC) Award. Applications for these award rounds will open in July 2021 and January 2022 respectively. 

In particular, the Education Awards Panel would welcome applications for funding towards accredited courses in coaching and mentoring (such as the level 3 and 5 courses accredited by the Chartered Management Institute). 

A series of short videos, aimed at guiding applicants with the writing process, is now available on the Learning Hub. Details of the application workshops for the next round of awards will be provided in January.

How to apply

There are two rounds of funding per year for this award. Applications will next open in January 2022.

Applications for the AAC Award must be submitted through the CSP Learning Hub.

Access the Learning Hub

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