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Find out about what CPD means for physiotherapy and what resources the CSP provides to keep you on track

Continuing professional development (CPD) ensures that your knowledge and skills stay up to date and relevant so you are able to practice safely.

CPD is important for both qualified physio staff and students, and if you're a student, your pre-registration degree programme is the first step on this life-long journey of learning.

Keeping a CPD portfolio

Wherever you are in your physiotherapy career, developing and maintaining a personal portfolio is an absolute must, and once qualified, your CPD portfolio will be used to evidence your fitness to practise. The HCPC requires all physios to maintain a record of CPD activities.

If you're a student you can get a head start, and create a portfolio as a student to help you prepare for job applications and interviews or apply for future courses and funding.

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Kick-start your CPD

Get started on developing your skills, knowledge and expertise and acquiring the CPD habit with this handy CSP guide.

Using it will help you acquire the basic skills in how to approach your CPD, and the know-how to plan further activity.

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CSP ePortfolio

Use the CSP’s ePortfolio platform to create and manage a digital portfolio of your work, reflections and achievements. You can also choose to share elements or keep everything private. Watch the video guides to learn how to upload content and make the most of its features.

The CSP also provides CPD templates to help you plan, record and evaluate your learning from different situations and experiences. To access these, log in to the ePortfolio, scroll and click the orange ‘CPD resources’ button. At top of the next page, click the link for “MSWord format versions of the CPD templates' to download the templates or upload them to your portfolio.

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the process by which professionals maintain and develop their skills, knowledge and competence in order to practice safely and effectively.

Use the FAQs on this page to learn more about what continuing professional development (CPD) means for  physiotherapy staff.

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