CSP responds to Mail on Sunday article

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has responded to a story by the Mail on Sunday about language used in a Frontline article.

A spokesperson said:

‘The article in question was about vital new support being offered after the trauma of miscarriage and was written by a member with personal lived experience. 

‘For editing purposes, the phrase ‘birthing parent’ was used once in the piece to cover women, trans men and non-binary people. 

‘We recognise that this abbreviation has caused some upset, as will the definition behind it. 

‘However, it is wrong to suggest it represents a policy of using gender neutral language – indeed, the Frontline story was tagged online under ‘women’s health’. 

‘Additionally, clinical guidance we will publish in due course also makes explicitly clear that gendered language is appropriate in many circumstances in healthcare. 

‘More broadly, we are an organisation that campaigns for women’s rights, reflecting both the origins, present and future of our membership. 

‘The reality is that most of our members, the overwhelming majority of whom are women, want to support trans colleagues and patients.   

‘But we have heard from trans members of instances of direct discrimination and we recognise there is also systematic discrimination in society which will also be reflected in the profession. 

‘That’s why we published our statement on transphobia last month, committing the organisation to eight concrete policies, and stand fully alongside our trans members. 

‘This is a topic that is at times fraught and requires understanding from all parties involved. 

‘As such, it is deeply unfortunate that an article about a critical matter – support after miscarriage – is being discussed in a way that detracts from its important message.’

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