Sick notes, hydrotherapy and the Scottish Covid-19 inquiry - April in the media

Physiotherapy is featuring prominently in the media in 2024. 

In mid-April the CSP responded to Rishi Sunak’s declaration that Britain is suffering from a 'sicknote culture'. The CSP featured widely in the media drawing attention to the pivotal role that physiotherapists play in supporting people back to work. 

Ash James, director of practice and development was interviewed by Jim Diamond on LBC, which you can listen to here. A Press Association article ran in more than 200 local, regional and national publications. CSP comment was also included in the Guardian’s live blog

BBC Morning Live took an in-depth look at how water therapy supports rehabilitation for stroke survivors. The feature includes interviews with people recovering from strokes talking about the benefits of hydrotherapy and CSP member Katy Farenden. 

Claire Ronald, senior negotiating officer at the CSP, gave evidence to the Scottish Covid-19 inquiry. Within Claire’s account of how physiotherapy staff were affected during the pandemic, she also highlighted that rehab space repurposed at the time has often not been returned. This was picked up widely by Scottish media including The Scotsman

CSP member Bhanu Ramaswamy offered advice on sports injuries in The Guardian.  

Additionally, the CSP has commented on the separate nurse pay spine and the fact physiotherapy staff’s pay rise is overdue. 

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