CSP welcomes Agenda for Change payment for non-NHS staff in England

The government has announced that Agenda for Change staff who did not previously receive a one-off non-consolidated payment in England could now benefit.


The CSP has welcomed the news that eligible staff at non-NHS organisations have now qualified for the one-off consolidated payment made to NHS staff under this year’s Agenda for Change pay deal. 

The Department of Health and Social Care has said that healthcare staff employed through dynamic Agenda for Change contracts at non-NHS charities such as charities, local authorities and social enterprises are now eligible for the one-off payment of at least £1,655. Organisations that employ eligible staffcan apply for government funding. 

However, some physiotherapy staff who provide NHS services will remain ineligible for the backdated payment. The CSP will now work through who will and won’t be eligible and come back with clarity to inform members through their CSP reps. 

Jim Fahie, CSP assistant director for employment services, said: ‘In light of today’s government announcement, we welcome the news that some of our members are now eligible for the non-consolidated payment agreed for most NHS staff in the spring.

‘It is a shame that it has taken so long to get to this point, adding additional financial stress to those physiotherapy staff who were not paid the lump sum. 

‘However, it remains unacceptable that we have members who continue to miss out on the agreed paymentwhen they are carrying out the same work as those that have already received it. 

These members are delivering NHS services; many worked through the pandemic and miss out on this payment simply as they do not have dynamic Agenda for Change included in their contracts.

They are not being treated equitably as their NHS-employed colleagues.

It remains important that we address the wider issue of a two-tier NHS caused by contract outsourcing, which is a challenge for physiotherapy, particularly those working in musculoskeletal services. 

‘We will now be working through who is and who is not eligible and provide clarity and support as the situation becomes clearer. 

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