Being clear about physio staffing in the private sector

The CSP is conducting an insight project on the physiotherapy workforce needs in the independent sector. 

The first stage of this work involves running a survey for service managers and leaders.

The results of the survey will help to support the CSP to influence the supply of physiotherapy staff so that it is sufficient to meet demands of all sectors and will also help to inform our follow-on interview questions.

Natasha Owusu, policy lead for England, said: ‘A strategic priority for the CSP is to promote the physiotherapy staffing levels that meet service needs across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

'To do this we need to understand better issues with staffing in the private sector across the UK, with the help of members working in the independent sector.'

How can members help? 

If you are a service manager or leader of an organisation in the private sector that employs 20+ employees, please complete the survey and take part in the follow-on interview stage. Also encourage your peers to do so. 

If you are not a manager or a team leader, please encourage your manager to complete this.

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