Exploit e-staff record to improve workforce planning, NHS Improvement tells physio leaders

A new guide shows physiotherapy clinical leaders how to make best use of England’s NHS e-staff record (ESR) to improve workforce planning.

If the data in it is accurate, the ESR can support local, regional and national workforce planning

There are seven steps in the guide, published by NHS Improvement on 19 February. In essence, they are:

  • use the ESR’s manager self-service – and ensure it reflects your workforce accurately
  • use employee self-service – the best way of maintaining up-to-date records. Staff can access self-service with any internet-connected device
  • check information – the ESR can help you to reliably report on staff in each specific area and organise staffing for developing and transforming the workforce
  • link staffing information – benefits include better financial control of positions and workforce costs
  • ensure processes support ESR – as employees’ situations change, the ESR should be updated, from the start of employment through to exit or retirement
  • keep ESR accurate: whose responsibility? – everyone’s, but the guide tells leaders what they can do to make best use of data
  • checklist of actions – these include linking with your ESR lead, regularly checking workforce information and follow up actions; and feeding back changes in professions that might affect ESR coding

Allied health professionals (AHPs) form the NHS’s third largest clinical workforce, but understanding of how they can contribute to transforming care is limited, says NHS Improvement.

Meanwhile, effective workforce planning is essential if the health service is to supply the staff to meet changing healthcare needs.

If the information in it is accurate, the ESR can support local, regional and national workforce planning.

Its functions include generating operational management information to inform workforce planning. Also, informing talent-management strategies, which contribute to staff retention, health and wellbeing.

Joanne Fillingham, clinical director for AHPs at NHS Improvement, said: ‘Chief AHPs and AHP leads, I encourage you to use this guide to ensure the ESR reflects the AHP workforce.

Joanne Fillingham

‘This is crucial to evidence the delivery of high quality, productive care.’




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