Scottish government to implement latest pay offer

The Scottish government has announced it will be implementing the latest offer for staff across the NHS in Scotland.

CSP workplace representatives holding placards calling for a fair pay rise for NHS staff

This news follows on from the acceptance of the offer by a number of health unions, including the CSP.   

This pay award will mean all staff receive a minimum of a £2,205 uplift to their pay and represents an overall 7.5 per cent increase on the pay bill.

Claire Ronald, CSP senior negotiating officer, said:

We are pleased that members will  now receive a much needed increase in their take home pay, backdated to 1 April. This pay rise is not everything that people need and deserve and we will continue to fight for more in future years. 

However, it is significantly more than the original offer as a result of the strong mandate for industrial action from CSP and other union members.

As 72 per cent of CSP members accepted this offer, we will not now be calling members to take industrial action on this occasion.

The pay increase is expected to be paid in January.

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