CSP stands up for rehab space and equality at Scottish trade union congress

The CSP's priorities were brought to the Scottish TUC congress in Aberdeen where delegates from across the trade union movement gathered this week.

The CSP's STUC 22 delegation Claire Craig, Fiona MacKellar and Claire Ronald

Standing up for rehabilitation, community rehabilitation and tackling inequality were the themes that the CSP highlighted.

The CSP’s motion on post-Covid recovery and remobilisation called on health boards to return space for community rehabilitation services and for investment to restart services.

CSP delegate Fiona MacKellar said: 'Rehabilitation is vital for people who have suffered disease or injury and is also key in making sure they become integrated back into society.

'Taking space from rehabilitation is short sighted. It will increase the length of stay of patients which increases the burden on hospital beds. It risks leaving people more disabled and less able to contribute to society.

Sufficient space

'We are asking STUC congress to support us in calling for local health boards to stop any further plundering of rehabilitation and therapy areas. Boards should review their current rehabilitation services and ensure there is sufficient space to enable good quality rehab for the people of Scotland.'

 A second CSP motion sought to address inequalities in the public sector.

Equalities data

CSP delegate Claire Craig proposed the motion, stating that using  equalities data was key to holding organisations to account and that union reps should receive training to ensure they knew how to understand and use the data.

'Union reps can work collectively to challenge organisations' commitment to public sector equality. Through our own learning, we can drive forward the mainstreaming of equality.'

Both motions were carried overwhelmingly.

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