CSP wins support for extending safe staffing at Scottish TUC

A CSP motion urging the Scottish government to expand its safe staffing policies to a range of clinicians across community and acute care won support at the 2017 Scottish TUC.


CSP delegate Fiona MacKellar proposes CSP motion on #periodpoverty

It was proposed by CSP steward Claire Craig during the event in Aviemore on 24-26 April.

She told Frontline that she welcomed the government’s safe staffing policy for nursing and midwifery, announced in June last year, but that it should include other healthcare professions.

‘I highlighted the impact that uni-professional planning has on others within NHS teams, how professions interact and the broad scope of physiotherapy,’ she said.

‘It’s important for the government to ensure the right skill mix is achieved to enhance service provision and provide safe, quality care in both acute and community services.’

Sanitary products

Another CSP motion called on the Scottish government to make sanitary products available to women and girls through homeless shelters, health centres, schools and other public buildings. The CSP steward who proposed it, Fiona MacKellar, said it attracted support from other unions, including Unison and Unite.

She described the conference as ‘very positive’, with a huge variety of debate and a strong allied health professions presence. ‘In addition to the CSP, we had motions from the societies of radiographers, chiropodists and podiatrists.’

Ms Craig was equally positive, adding that the event was an opportunity to develop speech writing, presentation and public speaking skills.

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