CSP concerned at downgrading of Covid safety measures

The CSP is alarmed by the premature stepping down of Covid safety measures. As a result, the CSP has taken the decision not to fully reopen our London office.


Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, the Covid-19 lead at the World Health Organization, has criticised the ending of face covering requirements, home working directions and the possible early ending of self-isolation rules in the UK. 

Commenting, CSP chief executive Karen Middleton said: 'Covid is still leading to deaths and is disabling people. We need to continue to protect ourselves and others. Vaccination is the best way we can protect ourselves but it needs to be backed up with mask wearing, home working where possible and self-isolation. Even if our governments are not enforcing all of these measures we urge people to keep following them.'

The CSP is concerned that failure to maintain safety measures risks an ongoing cycle of spiking hospitalisation rates and death deaths resulting in the reactive reintroduction of safety measures at short notice. This would be disastrous for those who die or are left with long term illness. It will put ongoing pressure on the NHS and its staff. It will also undermine the economy by causing ongoing uncertainty for businesses.

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