Vaccinations alone won’t stop an NHS crisis, says CSP

The CSP has joined calls for the government in England to mandate face coverings and limit gatherings to slow Covid spread.

Graphic of Covid-19 virus
Coronavirus (Covid-19)

NHS organisations have today warned that services face severe pressures from Covid backlogs, winter illnesses and Covid.

Official statistics show Covid cases, hospitalisations and deaths are all rising.  Actions which could help reduce Covid rates include compulsory wearing of face masks; in shops, schools, on public transport and at events.

Rob Yeldham, the CSP's director of strategy, policy and engagement, said: 'Frontline physios and physio support workers are telling us the NHS is already struggling and that they are at breaking point. Unless we can reduce the Covid rate some services could collapse within weeks.

Relying on mass vaccination to limit Covid pressures on the NHS is simply not working

'Other countries are combining vaccination with Covid prevention measures. They are not seeing the spike we are in England. We need to see mandatory prevention measures immediately.'

Authorities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have maintained more preventive measures than in England, however the CSP is also urging them to ensure that they maintain measures to curb the rise in Covid and protect health services from collapse.

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