CSP urges members to get vaccinated following MP vote

The CSP is urging members in England to get vaccinated or boosted as soon as possible, after new laws were passed last night requiring Covid vaccination for most staff who have direct patient contact.

A healthcare professional administers a Covid jab

Failure to be fully vaccinated by April 2022 could see physios and physios support staff in England dismissed and students denied access to placements. The Government have indicated that “full” vaccination status will be regarded as having had three doses.

In Northern Ireland a consultation on compulsory vaccination has been announced but not yet launched. There are no plans in Scotland or Wales for mandatory vaccinations at this stage.

Exemptions in England will only apply to people with a history of adverse reactions to the vaccine and in limited other circumstances. The rules do not apply in non-CQC (Care Quality Commission) regulated services which excludes most self-employed physios.

Commenting, CSP Policy Director, Rob Yeldham said: 'We are disappointed that Parliament did not listen to the genuine concerns raised by ourselves and many other organisations. But now this law is in place we will focus on advice for members who are having difficulty accessing vaccinations or who have concerns.

Without vaccination you will limit your work options severely. It is safe. It could save your life or prevent you developing life changing ongoing symptoms. Please get vaccinated.

Seek advice and information to address any concerns

A CSP survey of members in England found that around one in ten members was not yet prepared to be vaccinated. Reasons varied but they included concerns about an impact on long-term health or fertility.

The CSP is urging members with concerns about their health to seek advice as many conditions do not qualify for a medical exemption under the new rules.

People who are concerned about receiving a Covid vaccination or booster, due to pre-existing health conditions or because they have concerns relating to pregnancy, can access relevant information at the links below:

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