CSP supports call for vaccine policy delay

The CSP is backing calls from the TUC for the government to delay the 1 April introduction of mandatory vaccination for NHS staff in England.

CSP demands safe staffing levels

With staff absences causing significant shortages as the NHS copes with ongoing pressures, the TUC said a delay to the policy would help mitigate the staffing crisis.

Other demands

Alongside a vaccine mandate delay, the TUC is calling for the government to:

  • implement an early and significant pay rise for NHS staff, reversing a decade of lost pay, through fully independent pay review bodies or collective bargaining, without restrictions being set by Treasury pay policy
  • provide a significant increase in investment in the NHS that reverses a decade of cuts and enables employers to recruit for and maintain safe staffing levels
  • implement a fully costed, long-term workforce strategy designed with workers and their representatives that addresses vacancy issues, supports staff retention and improves services for patients

The CSP, which is strongly urging all members to get vaccinated, supported the TUC’s call.


Rob Yeldham, the CSP’s director of strategy, said: ‘We are strongly pro-vaccination and hope that unvaccinated members reconsider their position.

We’ve been clear all along that vaccination alone is not a viable approach to protect staff and patients and the mandatory policy risks exacerbating staffing pressures that are long-standing and the biggest threat to the NHS being able to continue to operate in a safe and effective manner.

‘It is very important for the NHS to avoid anything that causes further disruption at this point so delaying the introduction of this policy would be a sensible step.’

More information from the CSP on vaccination

The CSP is planning webinars for members who have questions about the mandatory vaccination policy.

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