CSP urges members to contribute to new digital competency survey for AHPs

The CSP is encouraging all physiotherapy staff to take part in a UK-wide survey, to help establish how digitally competent AHPs have become since Covid-19.



The AHP Digital Competencies survey is seeking feedback from AHPs all across the UK and is open until 6 June.

As well as ascertaining the level of digital skills among AHP staff, the survey also aims to review whether work-related changes made during the pandemic have enhanced the digital competence of the AHP workforce.

Findings from the survey will be used to inform future digital workforce development and practice plans across the UK at professional, national and local levels.

And everyone who completes the survey will be given the option to save a copy of their responses, so they can be used to guide future development needs, and/or to evidence current competency in relation to the digital framework for AHPs.

Sparking a digital revolution

Remote Physio

Euan McComiskie, CSP professional advisor for digital and data, said: ‘If one good thing comes from the awful experiences that is Covid, it has to be the spark to the digital revolution that healthcare has needed for years, even decades.

‘Learning from the infrastructure and experience of technology that was forced upon us in early lockdown and understanding the safety and efficacy of those products and services in our settings is crucial.

‘To do that we need to have a base level of understanding around digital; our digital competence.

This survey is crucial in understanding the digital competence of our profession and all of our members so we can use it to set the pace of change, identify the leaders, and as a barometer of progress

‘So please complete the survey and encourage all of your AHP colleagues, but especially the physiotherapy staff, to do the same.'

The survey is available to complete here

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