All change for non-NHS Covid vaccinations in England

From today access to the English Covid vaccination national booking service has been halted for all non-NHS health and care professionals.

Covid-19 vaccine

As a result, physios who are in regular face to face contact with patients, physio support workers and students on placements will only be able to access vaccinations through their GP or their employer if they work for the NHS in England.

Although it is estimated that 85 per cent of health and care staff have already been vaccinated, there are a range of people who will continue to come forward.

These include: new employees, people returning to practice, students on first placements and those who have recovered from illnesses which prevented them from receiving an earlier vaccination.

Before the introduction of the national booking system, accessing vaccinations proved problematic for many of our members who work outside the NHS. Each CCG was struggling to compile a local database of who to vaccinate.

This process was slow, bureaucratic and confusing. Some members resorted to approaching their family doctors, not all of whom accepted their need for vaccination.

CSP leads call to reinstate national booking system

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The CSP has organised a coalition of over 20 organisations to urge the early reinstatement of a national booking system for Covid-19 vaccinations in England.

The coalition has today written to the secretary of state for health.

CSP policy director Rob Yeldham explained that: 'As well as organising the lobby for early reintroduction of the national scheme, the CSP is pressing NHS England to provide clear guidance of GPs.

We want to ensure that no eligible physios, support workers or students are refused vaccination whilst the national booking system is not available

'If members have problems with their GP agreeing to vaccinate you, please contact so that we can feedback where problems occur to NHS England.'

If members working in the NHS have problems accessing vaccinations they should contact their local CSP steward or health and safety rep in the first instance.

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