New graduate becomes active and involved and helps shape the profession

'My first experiences of the CSP were an introduction presentation in my lecture theatre at the University of Nottingham.'

by David Williams, rotational physiotherapist at University Hospitals of Derby  

'The lecture piqued my interest and I put myself forward and was elected as a student representative. 

What followed was a flurry of events and representing my university at national events.  

David Williams
David Williams

I like to make a difference in everything I do and this seemed to be a wonderful opportunity to make a difference. 

I became more involved with the CSP and in my second year of studies  I was selected as a member of the CSP professional committee. The committee provides expertise and insight on significant physiotherapy practice, learning and development issues. This was daunting at first but I soon found my feet and provided a perspective to the discussions within the committee.  

Alongside this I completed the prestigious Council of Deans’ Student Leadership Programme which provided me with a toolbox of soft skills to apply on my leadership journey and also gave me a great understanding of myself. It harnessed my passion and gave me a greater ability to influence change.  

As a new graduate, you can influence change. 

During the centenary of the CSP in 2020 our members voted to update the terminology of the four pillars of physiotherapy practice. This work was led by the professional committee. I have influenced change within the profession as I was one of the committee members that led on the four pillars of practice work so that the wording met contemporary practice and may be fit for another 100 years. Words are important!  

My work with the CSP has given me a foundation to build on and has widened my perspectives. I am now leading a change process within my trust with the armed forces and helped lead a community Covid-19 support group. 
There are CSP Council elections and committee selections this year. Please consider applying. You can be the difference.  


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