Council committees

Council has three strategic committees, as well as the  ARC Agenda Committee and the Professional Awards Panel

    Most meetings of Council and committees have, and will continue to be, held virtually due to coronavirus. Further information regarding meeting locations in 2021 will be issued in due course.

    Council committee appointments 2021

    Applications are now open for new members to join the CSP's Council committees.

    Employment committee

    This committee advises council on strategic employment matters affecting employed CSP members at work.

    Committee membership 2018-2021

    Hayley Clarke
    Abiodun Ezediuno
    Helen Fitzgerald (vice-chair)
    Stephanie Heasley
    Fiona Mackellar
    Anushka Pal
    Jim Phelan
    Sarah Pomfret
    Jill Taylor (chair)
    Cliff Towson
    Louise Wright

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    Employment committee meeting dates 2021

    • Wednesday 10 February
    • Thursday 24 June
    • Thursday 14 October

    Finance, risk and audit committee

    This committee advises council on financial, organisational risk and audit issues affecting the CSP.

    Committee membership 2018-2021

    James Benson
    Gail Foord
    Philip Hulse
    Alex MacKenzie (chair)
    Stuart Paterson
    Matthew Redford
    Tracy Staines

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    Finance, risk and audit committee meeting dates 2021

    • Tuesday 23 February
    • Tuesday 11 May
    • Wednesday 8 September
    • Tuesday 23 November

    Professional committee

    This committee provides expertise and insight on significant physiotherapy practice, learning and development issues.

    Committee membership 2018-2021

    Heather Gray (chair)
    Nick Livadas (vice-chair)
    Mhairi Brandon
    Ruth Emanuel
    Jo Jennings
    Vicky Reynolds-Cocroft
    Jackie Waterfield
    David Williams


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    Professional committee meeting dates 2021

    • Thursday 18 March
    • Wednesday 16 June
    • Wednesday 6 October

    Annual Representative Conference (ARC) agenda committee

    The ARC agenda committee determines the business of ARC, so that the conference achieves its purpose. The committee will considersubmitted motions and oversee the management of motions.

    Committee membership 2018-2021

    Alex MacKenzie (chair)
    Katie Wilkie (vice-chair)
    Lorraine Allchurch (appointed by CSP Council)
    Caroline Griffiths (professional networks)
    Matthew Hughes (student network)
    Patricia McNally (country boards and regional networks)
    Julia Prince (appointed by CSP Council)
    Michelle Slack (stewards and safety reps)
    Louise Wright (associates)

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    Professional Awards panel

    The Professional Awards panel consider nominations for the CSP awards of Honorary Fellowship, Fellowship and Distinguished Service.

    Panel membership 2018-2021

    Sonya Lam (Chair)
    Anne Forster
    Vicki Johnson
    Catherine McLoughlin (lay member)

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