Scottish government publishes recovery and rehabilitation framework

The Scottish government has published a framework for supporting people through recovery and rehabilitation during and after the pandemic.



The paper has been published in recognition that some people may require a prolonged recovery period, which encompasses mental health, wellbeing an physical rehabilitation. Certain groups are known to be more affected by the coronavirus, for example BAME communities, the elderly, or those with other underlying health conditions.


The principles underpinning the framework include:

  1. Compassionate and collaborative leadership
  2. Person centred care
  3. Outcomes focused
  4. Multidisciplinary and multiagency workforce, working towards a common goal
  5. Innovation
  6. Education and research
  7. Digital innovation
  8. Quality improvement


A National Advisory Board for Rehabilitation would be formed to provide expert advice to the government and support leadership in NHS boards, integration authorities, local government, and the independent/third sector.


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