Once for Scotland – the way forward for rehabilitation

The Scottish government is set to promote a Scotland-wide approach to remodelling community rehabilitation.


The Scottish government is developing a paper outlining a ‘Once for Scotland’ approach to improving rehabilitation services.

The paper comes on the back of the Scottish government pledge to support the calls for a ‘Right to Rehab,’ made at the Scottish parliament elections last May.

The Coalition for Rehabilitation, involving over 20 health organisations in Scotland, including the CSP, campaigned for the need to improve access and provision of all community rehabilitation services.

The Rehabilitation Framework, published by the Scottish government in August 2020, highlighted the post-Covid challenges facing rehabilitation.

'Good' rehab

The current paper sets out the need for ‘good’ rehabilitation to be advanced across all health board areas.

The CSP will be responding to the drafted paper, which lays out a tiered approach to accessing services and incorporates the six principles of good rehabilitation across an integrated pathway.

CSP public affairs and policy manager for Scotland Kenryck Lloyd-Jones said: ‘This is a welcome development. The outline of the intention to address rehabilitation with a Once for Scotland approach chimes entirely with the CSP’s ambitions for rehab services, and the campaign for a Right to Rehabilitation in Scotland. It’s encouraging that the Scottish government is aiming to embrace the principles of good rehabilitation, and commit to a Scotland-wide approach to service improvement. 

Community rehabilitation has the potential to reshape services and rebuild an integrated system where reliance on health and social care can be reduced through wider community provision, early intervention, self-management and the creation of healthier communities.  

'The CSP will be making a positive response to the draft, but we are aware that we are on a journey. For NHS staff, service improvement will require infrastructure, alongside new policies. We will be working to get the right workforce in place, and the funding and leadership necessary to realise the ambitions for community rehabilitation in Scotland. A Once for Scotland approach marks an important step toward improvement.'


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