CSP working to address insurance issues for private practitioners

The CSP and PhysioFirst are calling on insurance giant Aviva to enable private physiotherapy practitioners to make successful claims for business interruption as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Many private practitioners, whose normal service provision was disrupted when the UK went into lockdown on 23 March, have reported difficulties in claiming under the terms of their business interruption (BI) insurance.

The CSP and PhysioFirst jointly wrote to Aviva setting out clear reasons for the disruption to businesses but have been disappointed by the response.

Medical insurance specialists at Graybrook Hallam have challenged this response, and are awaiting a response.

Natalie Beswetherick, CSP director of practice and development, said: ‘Members may hold BI insurance with Aviva, brokered by Graybrook Hallam, or may have arranged alternative insurance from other providers either directly or by using other brokers.

'The extent of BI cover varies between polices. We would advise members to read the terms and conditions of their BI policy carefully to see if disruption caused by the UK response to coronavirus is covered by their particular policy.’

Seeking legal clarity

In addition, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced plans to take legal action to seek legal clarity on BI insurance, and specifically policy wordings, which have formed the basis for BI claims that have either been currently rejected or remain unpaid.

‘We have no further details on this,’ Ms Beswetherick says, ‘but, as with all litigation, the timeline is likely to be lengthy. The FCA is clear that where a policy has an obligation to pay-out, it is important that these claims are assessed and settled quickly.

‘With PhysioFirst, we are jointly monitoring the situation with Graybrook Hallam and exploring the extent of the BI issues experienced by members.’

Keep clear records

If you are currently experiencing delays to your BI claim, which is not provided by Aviva, please let us know by contacting Frances Franklin at: franklinf@csp.org.uk with the following details:

  • Your CSP membership number
  • Your insurance provider
  • The underwriter for the policy
  • The broker you used (if applicable)
  • Your PhysioFirst membership number (if applicable)

We also advise members to keep clear records from 23 March 2020 for a period of six years to include: all policy documents and wording (even if you subsequently re-insure elsewhere) and all correspondence you have with your insurer. Please do not send any of these documents to the CSP or PhysioFirst.

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