Northern Ireland members being balloted for industrial action

The CSP has started balloting its Northern Ireland health service members on industrial action in relation to pay (this story is rapidly updating).

The Northern Ireland executive has begun work again at Stormont

While the political executive in Northern Ireland and power-sharing have now been restored, there is still uncertainty over how and when the health care crisis will be addressed, and therefore the pay dispute remains live.

Notifying members of the ballot, Claire Sullivan, the CSP’s director of employment relations and union services, said: ‘Indications from the reformed executive are that an urgent and high priority will be resolution of the pay dispute and wider health service crisis, including the delivery of pay parity with England. This development is both welcome and encouraging.

Pay offer

‘At this point, however, we do not have a pay offer on which we could consult members nor, as yet, a firm indication as to when such an offer might be forthcoming.’

She concluded: ‘In face to face meetings and a consultative survey, more than 90 per cent of members in Northern Ireland said they would be prepared to take industrial action in pursuit of fair pay. It is therefore important that the ballot continues, until there is a satisfactory resolution to the dispute for all staff.’

Update at 3.30pm Tuesday 14 January

The Northern Ireland Executive has today committed to immediate restoration of pay parity with England and to measures to address staffing concerns.

Further meetings will follow tomorrow and in the coming days to confirm whether these commitments will result in a written offer on which CSP members and all other health and social care staff can be consulted, in the hope of bringing a formal end to the current pay dispute as soon as possible.

This is a rapidly changing situation and we expect to be able to update members further tomorrow, 15 January.

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