Northern Ireland must not be left behind on pay say health service physio staff

CSP members in Health and Social Care Northern Ireland who took part in a recent pay consultation have voted emphatically to say they are prepared to take industrial action.

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Physiotherapy staff at the CSP Annual Representative Conference

The CSP will not move to a formal industrial action ballot at this stage but has urged any incoming executive to ‘take note.’

H&SCNI staff have not received any pay award announcement, unlike colleagues in England and Wales who are covered by the same pay review body process.

CSP Employment Relations and Union Services director Claire Sullivan said: ‘It is completely unacceptable that members in H&SCNI continue to have to fight to get any pay award at all, let alone one that is acceptable in the current cost of living crisis.

‘Yet again, they will be left to face the winter months ahead as the lowest paid NHS members in the UK.’

The CSP was ‘with you every step of the way in getting a pay announcement without further delay,’ Ms Sullivan said.

Consultation results

Of the 40 per cent of CSP members voting in the recent consultation:

If no award at all was forthcoming
•    95 per cent would be prepared to take industrial action

If there was an award that was the same as England and Wales
•    80 per cent would reject the award and be prepared to take industrial action in pursuit of an improved offer/award
•    12 per cent would accept the award

‘Clearly a very high proportion of members are angry and worried - both about the current situation of ‘no offer’, and about the prospect of the same award as England and Wales,’ said Ms Sullivan.

These results are emphatic. With such high numbers in favour of action, the government must take note; any further delay in announcing a pay award will harden feelings yet further and we will continue to apply pressure until the current impasse is resolved.

Next steps

The CSP pay group of elected members met on 31 October to consider the consultation results. They noted the strong feelings expressed above and reiterated their commitment to pursuing an immediate award for Northern Ireland.

In the meantime, members in H&SCNI should continue to keep their member profile updated on the CSP website and to encourage colleagues to take part in any future consultations or ballots.

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