Exciting news about the future of Frontline

Next month the CSP will launch a new format of Frontline. Published monthly and supported by a series of special focus editions, it is part of a range of items providing relevant and regular information for members.

The new Frontline

Research with members, including through the recent annual members’ survey, shows us that most of you value regular communication from the CSP.

It is important to us that we keep you informed about the work we do on your behalf, and you tell us that you want us to provide regular information on developments within the profession and opportunities to participate in CSP activities.

'A valued benefit'

Our research indicates that Frontline is most members’ main source of CSP information. It is a valued benefit, and receiving it regularly makes most members feel informed and up-to-date.

Explaining the planned changes, Rob Yeldham, CSP director of Strategy, Policy and Engagement, said, ‘We regularly ask members for their opinions on Frontline and other member benefits and over the past couple of years we’ve noticed a shift in expectations to a less frequent magazine, so we’ve now made the decision to go monthly.

‘A monthly Frontline will be a better quality publication with more pages and more in-depth content.’

The new design of Frontline provides more space for longer features and the opportunity to explore important and topical issues in detail. The magazine will still include news but coverage will be shorter and more visual, and will complement the rolling news on the website and on the weekly members’ e-bulletin.

Mr Yeldham explained, ‘Our communications approach is to offer a range of different channels, because all the evidence we have suggests that no single method will be right for all members. Providing information across more channels means we reach a greater number of our members, and gives you more flexibility in how and when you can access information.’

More CPD and clinical content

From May, the focus of Frontline content will also change slightly, making it more relevant to the profession, your clinical practice and career development. In response to members’ views, it will focus on clinical and professional developments, achievements and innovations, leadership and influencing, and keep you updated on how the CSP responds to national health and physio issues, and what we’re doing to support members and promote the profession. We’ll continue to produce Physiotherapy, the official CSP scientific journal, which contains more clinical content. 

While most members tell us that they want to receive Frontline as a physical publication, there are some who prefer to read content digitally. Content of each issue is always available online and members can choose to opt out of having a magazine mailed to them each month.

Protecting our environment

Frontline is printed on fully recyclable FSC-certified paper and, from May, will be sent in a biodegradable potato starch wrap that you will be able to dispose of with your garden waste, instead of a polythene cover. 

Regular insight from members is important in ensuring that CSP communications effectively meets your needs, as Rob Yeldham explains: ‘Our aim is always to ensure that we’re giving members useful and relevant information in the best possible ways, and we are developing Frontline, our website and other channels in order to do this.

‘Your views have helped to inform the forthcoming changes and we’re keen to keep you involved, so please do let us know what you think.’

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