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 We spoke to Katie Knapton, who has been a core group member of the CSP’s South East Coast regional network  since 2018.

Katie Knapton

Katie is a chartered physiotherapist of over 30 years and runs an online physiotherapy clinic in West Sussex.

How did you find out about the South East Coast regional network?

I was initially made aware of my regional network as they were advertising a local event in my area.  I attended the event, and I was really impressed with the content of it and so I investigated further who was involved, and I made contact. I was then luckily invited onto the committee, and I've been a part of the network ever since. 

What are your responsibilities in the network?

My main responsibilities include attending the meetings (which is fairly easy as they are usually remote) and discussing what the topical issues are and what we want to bring to people’s attention in the area. I also help to arrange educational days, so it's a really good way to keep up to date with what is happening and what is going on. It's a really valuable role. 

Why do you enjoy your role?

The network meetings are a beneficial environment to discuss current issues around health care, population health and all that that implies. On a personal level, it’s great meeting like-minded individuals - clinicians and those working in the educational environment. The role allows me to discuss topical subjects and find out about other aspects of physiotherapy.

What are some of the events that you are involved in?

I've been involved in organising many educational days and these are always exciting. One coming up is around rehabilitation of patients and self-management, including strength. This is building on the CSP's Stronger My Way campaign and really helps get local people facilitated into this campaign. I think it's exciting and important to be involved in these things.

As a private practitioner, why do you think it’s important to be involved in your regional network?

I work independently and I really feel that it is important to be involved in your regional network. As a private practitioner, you can become a little isolated and being involved in your regional network really opens the doors to what is happening. This is important because most of my patients will cross into the NHS at some point. We need to feedback to our NHS colleagues around what we're doing as private practitioners and vice versa. I'm happy to spend the time to get that communication both ways. 

Why would you recommend CSP members to get involved in their regional network?

I would recommend all CSP members to join their regional networks. It's not hugely time consuming, but it's hugely valuable. If you want to share some of your practice, share some information, it's a great way of doing that. You get the chance to meet other colleagues all with the same passion to prioritise our patients and promote physiotherapy. I think it's important to get involved and drive our profession forward. Let's not sit there quietly, let's get involved!

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