CSP concerned to ensure students access available funding

Physiotherapy students are encouraged to ensure they are accessing the full range of financial support available for their pre-registration education.

Raising awareness of the funding support to which students are entitled

The Office for Students (for England) has said that only about a third of healthcare students are currently drawing on the full range of support that they are eligible to receive.
This includes reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs associated with undertaking practice-based learning away from their university setting.
Under the previous NHS funding arrangements, an estimated 90 per cent of eligible students accessed the Learning Support Fund.

NHS bursary overpayments

The development comes a year after the Student Loan Company mistakenly overpaid some second-and third-year healthcare students still in receipt of the NHS bursary.
‘The CSP strongly lobbied to ensure continued access to support for additional costs when physiotherapy students in England were moved to standard tuition fee and student loan arrangements,’ said assistant director Sally Gosling.
‘We have been particularly concerned to ensure that individuals are neither put off studying physiotherapy, nor disadvantaged because of the extra costs associated with undertaking a physiotherapy degree.
‘Securing specific arrangements for healthcare students was an important part of the transition from one funding model to another. It’s important that students access the full range of support available to them.’

Any students who are experiencing difficulty in accessing the support to which they should be eligible can contact the CSP by email at studentenquiries@csp.org.uk

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