Lifestyle specialist physio is invited to speak at prestigious liver symposium in Paris

Dr Kate Hallsworth, a lifestyle specialist in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), believes she could be the first UK physio invited to speak at an international liver symposium.


Senior research physiotherapist Kate Hallsworth calls for more physios to get involved in treating non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Dr Hallsworth, who is a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) clinical lecturer has previously presented her research in posters at the International Liver Congress.

‘This is the first time I’ve been asked by the faculty to give a talk. They invite people who are seen as world experts in NAFLD, it’s a very medically based event’, she said.

However, it can be reversed through lifestyle changes with a focus on weight loss and increasing physical activity. Dr Hallsworth, who is a senior research physiotherapist at Newcastle University, is also a practising clinician in the liver unit at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, where she is part of the largest NAFLD multidisciplinary clinical service in the UK with a focus on targeting lifestyle change for this patient group. She came into the specialism after undertaking a PhD in physical activity, exercise and NAFLD. ‘There is a need for more physios, exercise specialists and dieticians to get involved in this area,’ she added.


At the symposium, Dr Hallsworth will be sharing some of the findings of her current NIHR-funded research programme to develop tools to support patients in making long-term lifestyle changes.

‘My main aim (at the congress) is to give clinical tips, things like explaining to the patient so they understand what the condition is, there are lots of misconceptions that it is to do with alcohol, and that they can reverse it through lifestyle changes,’ she added.

Dr Hallsworth spoke at the event, pictured, which attracted around 10,000 delegates, in Paris on 13 April.

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