Hampshire physiotherapist wins WOW! outstanding care award

A musculoskeletal specialist physiotherapist from Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust was the proud recipient of the ‘You’ve Changed My Life’ award at the WOW! Awards 2017, held in November.


Physiotherapist Chris Mitchell, winner of the 'You've changed my life' award, with Joy Deadman

Chris Mitchell was awarded for his dedication to help patient Joy Deadman walk again, following years of complications and setbacks. Ms Deadman had nominated Mr Mitchell because she felt he had made a real and long-lasting difference to her life and knew that other patients felt the same too.

Mr Mitchell collected his award in front of an audience of hundreds of people, including Ms Deadman and Alex Whitfield, the trust’s chief executive. Ms Deadman was also honoured at the ceremony for the 43 years she has volunteered at the trust.

'Just being shortlisted from over 20,000 to the final four was a massive honour so to win was amazing,' said Mr Mitchell.

'I’m really pleased that this award has highlighted the work that we do in physiotherapy – it is much more than exercise. We are often a shoulder to cry on and help to educate our patients. We regularly see patients over a long period of time - as in the case with Joy. You can build a relationship and celebrate each small victory together.

'At Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust, I am lucky because we are allowed to treat the patient rather than have a set number of sessions, which allows us to deliver a good service. I work with a great team in outpatients so this award is also for them.'

Commenting on Mr Mitchell’s award success, Ms Deadman, said: 'His care and compassion for all of his patients is amazing and I am thrilled he has won this award.' Mr Whitfield, added: 'Chris is incredibly deserving of the recognition he has received.'

The WOW! Awards recognise the delivery of outstanding customer care by teams and individuals. The 2017 finalists were chosen from a total of 21,349 nominations.


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