#Physio17: Anyone can do research

Doing research is not just something for academics in universities, but can be an effective part of clinical practice, speakers at the research session on Saturday showed.


Researcher Hazel Roddam speaking at the conference. Photo: Simon Hadley

‘It’s not just about individuals having an academic career,’ said Hazel Roddam, reader in Allied Health Practice at the University of Central Lancashire. ‘It’s about improving patient care.’

But all staff needed to feel involved. ‘It’s not favouritism for some people, allowing them to follow their individual interests, but it has to be shown that it benefits the whole team.’

Carrol McCrum, a consultant physiotherapist with East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust,
outlined how she got research on her trust’s agenda: ‘The key is to really infiltrate the organisation. The really important thing was to get a champion at board level and get it into the strategy.’

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