TUC Congress 2017: CSP joins calls to lift public sector pay cap

The CSP joined calls at the TUC Congress for a sustained campaign to lift the public sector pay cap on NHS workers and for a fully-funded above inflation pay rise.


CSP director Claire Sullivan called for an end to public sector pay restraint. Photo: Jess Hurd

A motion, moved by Unison and seconded by the Public and Commercial Services Union, called on the TUC to coordinate action to end public sector pay restraint across the UK and claw back pay packet losses in recent years.

The action would include meetings with ministers, parliamentary lobbying, local activity and, in the last resort, ballots for industrial action.

Highlighting cuts in pay of at least 12 per cent in real terms since 2010, CSP director Claire Sullivan told delegates in Brighton that after a long period of pay restraint NHS staff were no longer feeling ‘apologetic’ about demanding fair pay.

Ms Sullivan said: ‘NHS staff have the same bills to pay, the same rent to meet, and the same children to feed and clothe as people anywhere else.

'The government holds down the pay of its NHS staff, along with others across public services, not because it has no choice, but because it can. This is not the society we want to be.’

She praised NHS staff for effectively, efficiently and tirelessly delivering high quality care, but argued that the NHS needed more investment.

‘We must continue the fight for a society with strong public services, fully-staffed by decently-paid people and properly funded for the present and for the future.’  

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